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The Noteable

Let's discover Noteable in less than 5 minutes.

What is Noteable?

Noteable lets you create, edit, and share computational notebooks. You can do it as a human or enable LLMs to do it for you, like you see on the Noteable Plugin on ChatGPT.


pip install noteable-origami


  1. Log in to Noteable (sign up is free).
  2. In the User Settings tab, navigate to API Tokens and generate a new token.
  3. Set your API Token as environment variable NOTEABLE_TOKEN

Creating your First Notebook

import os
import asyncio
from origami.clients.api import APIClient

async def main():
api_client = APIClient()

user = await api_client.user_info()
project_id = user.origamist_default_project_id

file = await api_client.create_notebook(
path="Origami Demo.ipynb"

if __name__ == "__main__":